Saturday, May 29, 2010


May 29, 2010

(NOTE: I'm not yet sure what to "title" this event (or series), but it's happening on Saturday morning, June 26, at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Please arrive BY 10:30. Helicopter overhead at 11 sharp. More details to follow soon.)

Dear Everyone,

The Park Service has given a verbal ok for 1,000 people to return to Ocean Beach on Saturday morning, June 26 (four weeks from this morning), to create a "slash/oil sunburst" image (described below). I'm pulling all the details/arrangements together as quickly as I can.

I try not to bombard this list with emails (I intentionally don't send one out for months at a time), but I'll probably be sending one or two (or more) each week for the next four weeks. Today I just want to say Please save the date, Saturday, June 26 -- arrive BY 10:30 a.m, helicopter overhead at 11 a.m. sharp. Soon I hope to have an easy way for you to spread this news: facebook?




-- "OIL" spelled out in 100-foot lettering.

-- Surrounding OIL, a large circle (ten feet thick -- diameter of more than 200 feet).

-- A large red slash running diagonally across the circle, upper right to lower left, right through OIL.

-- Sunbursts reaching out from the outer edges of the circle (similar to sunbursts in logo at BP-dot-com).

-- I'm confident we can achieve a solid red slash (or maybe pink, say, Codepink). I have also sketched an "ideal" color-rich diagram (black OIL -- red slash -- green circle -- orange sunbursts), and I think it looks absolutely great (I wish I knew how to include it in an email), but I'm not confident we can actually pull off this larger full-color effort. We shall see.

-- One thousand people will fill this image very nicely.

Thanks for the feedback that helped me come to this -- if you have more feedback, please let me know.

Brad Newsham


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