Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nineteen days to go -- Please Register


(Please Register here )

June 7 -- Nineteen days to go

Hey there YOU,

Yesterday, while attending a retirement party for the head of my daughter's school, I experienced an important reminder about the Slash Oil event: It really isn't about me!

Yes, I'm providing the venue and the focus and the credit card and I'm doing most of the organizing that will allow this event to happen. But it's not about me. I'll be 60 next year, and by now I've failed and I've succeeded enough times in life to know that in the long run it really doesn't matter whether Slash Oil is deemed a huge success or a pitiful failure. (Do not doubt, however, that I'm doing all I can to make it the former.)

This event is about something much larger than my own personal performance. While it indeed is focused on the almost-unimaginable Gulf disaster, it is also focused on the difference that I know YOU want to make in your community and in your world. I've spoken with enough people in the last month -- not just in my cab, but in my personal life and via email exchanges -- to know how important all of these things are to you, to all of us. You care about what happens in your world. You want to have your opinion noted as strongly as the opinions of others. And You want to have a little fun expressing your opinion. During 2007, several thousand of us proved the concept: Sand/people/helicopter/postcards/peaceful-easy-feeling/media, etc.

Now in 2010 there's an opportunity to build on that groundwork. Slash Oil. Saturday, June 26, 10 a.m. Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

Please spread the word, and if you can come, please sign up. It's simple and it's free:

-- Go to

-- Enter "Slash Oil" in the search bar

-- If you're not already a member, you must perform the simple (and cost- free) act of opening a (repeat: FREE) account.

-- Enter your name and email.


I'm scrambling -- I'm way behind answering emails -- please forgive me.

Hope to see you in nineteen days.


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